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It is a commonly known fact that the Serbs are not fond of Muslims. On a personal level, my husband had been advised by his own Serb uncle that a Muslim man shouldn't be permitted to marry a Christian girl. Naturally, he was devastated and didn't return to our place for 2 months. Even then, he was ready to undergo marriage with a Christian girl only if there was no immediate danger to his life.

Luckily , he escaped to Canada where he could wed a beautiful lady without fear of consequences. Regrettably, his experience isn't an isolated one. In Belgrade he witnessed how a Muslim man beat up a Christian girl because she didn't complete a religious test. The woman later died from her injuries.

In reality, this incident occurred in front of my eyes and that I failed to intervene. That is why I use the"No" option once I fill out the" Volunteering in my Own Nation" self assessment form. However, it must be said that the same cannot be said about the volunteer services in Afghanistan and Iraq. There have been several instances of rape and violence against minorities. The victims are Muslims and Christians alike.

I can only hope that the government of Serbia will soon introduce a law that prohibits all forms of discrimination irrespective of gender, race or faith. I was amazed to learn that the government of Serbia has nothing good to propose as far as the security of minority communities is concerned. There is no legal provision for victims of crimes to claim compensation from the criminals. Therefore, filling the"Volunteering in my country" self assessment form is totally voluntary.

In such a scenario, any person who wants to assist the disadvantaged people of his nation should do so without any sense of pity. As per a recent survey, nine out of every ten Serbs believe themselves as great philanthropists! This can be quite an wonderful figure when you come to think of it. Additionally, it goes on to show that not all them are selfish or egoistic. There are some very real feelings of compassion and concern that they want to assist other people in need.

If you wish to assist the innocent victims of ethnic cleansing in Chechnya, you are able to fill the"Voluntary Work overseas in my own Country" self assessment form. You will not get any financial help. However, you'll get a moral boost and feel good about yourself. And that's a priceless benefit!